Core Values

The three stars in the Peace Police logo represent our three core values.


Americans are a peace loving people. Yet lately it seems that peace among our citizenry is beginning to disintegrate.  Rhetoric is becoming hostile and hateful.  Shouting, verbal attacks, and harassment are becoming all too common. People need to learn to peacefully disagree.


What happened to manners?  What happened to polite disagreement?  What happened to respect? Instead, many paint those who disagree with them as evil.  Restoring peace between us must start with civility.  We can disagree.  We can and should debate passionately.  But the hate must stop.  Peace starts with people self-policing their hearts and attitudes.


Communication is a two way process.  It involves both giving and receiving messages.  But when it comes to communication, there is usually too much giving and not enough receiving – too much shouting and not enough listening.  If we sincerely listen to those with whom we disagree, we may find that they are not as evil as we have painted them to be in our minds.  Discourse, discussion, and communication are the best ways to find common ground.  Civil discourse fosters peace.