Join The Peace Police

Are you ready to stand up for Peace?  If you agree to the pledge below, fill in the three fields below and your official Peace Police membership certificate will be generated as a PDF.  You can then save the certificate or print it using your browser’s menu.

The Peace Police Pledge

  1. I promise to stand for core values of Peace, Civility, and Discourse, as outlined on the Peace Police website.
  2. I promise to never resort to any form of violence, hatred, or insults in public discourse while wearing any Peace Police apparel or displaying any of the Peace Police logos in any form.
  3. I promise that, if I interact in any public discourse that becomes hostile, hateful, or violent, I will not engage in any hostile, hateful, or violent speech or actions, and instead will seek to be a calming influence.
  4. I promise to listen carefully to those with differing opinions before rebutting them, and to believe the best about them even though we disagree.
  5. I acknowledge that my actions or speech do not necessarily represent others in the Peace Police movement or the Official Peace Police organization and leadership

Filling in your information below and generating your certificate indicates that you accept and will abide by The Peace Police Pledge.