Message From The Founder & Visionary – Loel Elijah Passe

Since the last election of 2016, I have watched in sadness as an emotionally disturbed attitude of hate and division and instability has grown in our society – right here in our beloved country, the USA. It is like a virus and sickness “infecting” thousands. But now, we can do something about it!

I was born in 1950, and only in the 60s did we see such wide scale unrest and provocation. Thus, the original “Peace Movement” of the 60s was born based on love and peace. Now, however, there is a dangerous new level of emotional insanity, hostility and disrespect that is sweeping our nation. People have become unhinged and won’t even give basic human respect to their fellow Americans! As an American citizen, I was becoming very worried that we may not be able to curb this atrocious level of hate and violence.  It is obviously moving dangerously close to becoming open anarchy and violence in the streets of our country!

During several nights in late June of 2018, I was particularly troubled in my spirit and had difficulty even sleeping peacefully.  This was a result of watching so many news clips and reports of people becoming “inordinately unhinged” and even wishing harm to others. These people were verbally inciting violence towards other fellow Americans!  I have even personally witnessed some of this.  I said to myself, “Enough is enough!”

Then, on 3 different occasions on evenings in late June – in dreams – the same “vision” (and idea) kept coming back to me each night. I could “see” tens of thousands of different Americans from all walks of life, across the country,  in every state, who were wearing hats and shirts that said the words “Peace Police” on them. These were just ordinary concerned citizens who were out and about with their message, proclaiming “it’s time for a new era of Peace and Civility and public Discourse in our society!”  It was a NEW Peace Movement for America. Thus, the name was birthed in my dream and the “Peace Police” was born. In my vision, it became a huge movement and it started to actually help change the attitude and dialogue of the citizenry, for the better. (I have faith and hope that such will be the case for the welfare of our country and everyone who lives here.)
Peace, honor, and basic respect for each other! I kept feeling “we can do something about this by coming together as an intentional community“!

It was on July 4, 2018 that I began to spring into action, knowing I could not rest until I did whatever I could do!

“Knowledge is powerful…But only combined with ACTION!”

After much prayer, and feeling absolute confidence in my heart and spirit that this was most certainly a divinely inspired vision – given to me in my dreams – I had a “knowing” in my spirit that I was supposed to do something about it and form the Peace Police. Instantly, I knew who to call!  I contacted my best friend of almost 40 years years, Rick White – (who is an expert in so many areas of promotion and today’s internet technology), and I shared what I had seen in my dreams. (We’ve been through thick and thin together, great times, and tough times, music groups and ministries and projects over the years). He agreed immediately that it was a special vision and also so very timely for “today” – so he agreed to become my partner and Co-founder of the group with me. Rick began work on our beautiful new Peace Police logo and the technical infrastructure and ideas for our launching a new “intentional community”, to spread the word. He thought up our slogan as well – “Spread the Peace – Stop the Hate!” Rick White, who is now our designated President and COO, just happens to be an awesome songwriter, musician and singer too! He came up with an amazing theme song for our new Peace Movement. Take the time to listen to it on the Song Page of our website and you’ll be singing it too! “Spread the Peace -Stop the Hate”. I can actuality envision millions of members singing it or even chanting it at rallies !

We invite you to become a founding member with us! We are dedicated to this Peace Police community and we have 3 “Core Values” you can support as truly patriotic Americans. Just agree to our 3 Core Values and receive your Certificate of Membership in the Peace Police!

It is our intention and motive to launch and start this humble “grass roots peace movement” that can and will, God willing, cause a real difference for the betterment of our country and citizenry. As Americans who love our country, what we need now is a return to civility and controlled, civil debate with respect and honor for everyone. Protected by our laws and enabled by our Bill of Rights, you should never feel threatened just to peacefully speak your mind in America! You should never feel threatened for your safety at any time for doing so!

Please join us and help “Spread the Peace and Stop the Hate”, as we stand firmly on the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Just by ordering our logo products you are making your statement and your voice be heard, spreading this cry of Spread the Peace – Stop the Hate.  Let’s spread this message throughout the land. Join us and make a difference for the all the people of America!

We therefore dutifully present to you a new intentional community of like minded Americans –  The Peace Police!

Matthew 5:9
…Blessed are the peacemakers:
for they shall be called the children of God.” Jesus